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Soul Reading Retreat

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Soul Reading Retreat

Horario y ubicación

21 de ago. de 2018 19:00

Wittstock, Wittstock, Alemania

Acerca del evento

Soul Reading

Intensive training for therapists and self exploration.

What is a Soul Reading?

The Soul Reading is a profound tool that serves all the diversity of our being. It's an instrument for self exploration, a powerful structure to realize energetic scans for oneself and others, a direct channel of communication from spirit to spirit - revealing the information that currently is important for evolution and growth of the person that receives the reading.

The Reading works through an analysis of the the different energy bodies and enables us to directly step into our internal world, - accessing emotions, thought and belief structures, traumas, memories, inherent wisdom and potentials, guidance etc.

Turning from the unconscious to the conscious, we are able to recognize the underlying connections, being able to permanently transform limiting belief structures, behavioral patterns, energetic blockages etc.

Through access of the chakra system the Reading reveals information from current energetic state as well as from the collective memory, offering clarity and a deeper understanding of the individual’s present.

Every person can draw benefits from a Soul Reading

~ and every person has the natural ability to read.

The Soul Reading is based on a meditation praxis, that is called „Rose Meditation“. The Rose Mediation is a technique of energetic cleansing and conduction that enables the therapist to access a state of neutrality, being able to conduce a reading without interference. Through the praxis the person gains clarity about the energetic patterns and dynamics that they carry, learning how to differentiate and separate between his/her energy and the energy that doesn’t belong to them.


Content of the Course:

• Activation of triple flame (portal of connection with the

Internal Wisdom)

• Activation of circuits for energetic canalization (earth and


• Soul Reading, analysis of the physical, emotional, mental and

spiritual plane in the present moment

• Reading of the frequency of the Soul in connection with the 7

cosmic rays

• Thematic Reading (work, family, mission of life, etc.)

• Reading of the chakras and intuitive anaysis of the physical

body (organs, muscles, bones, glandulas, etc.)

• Reading of past lifes

• Reading of relationships and family connections

• Cleaning of the Aura with use of the 7 rays

• Cleaning of limiting memories

• Cleaning of agreements of the past, vows of poverty,

abstinence, silence and others

• Elevation of the frequencies in the physical, emotional, mental

and spiritual plane

• Connection with guides and spiritual teachers

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