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The project Frequency Lican begins to take form in the year 2008 in Chile, together with the initiation of my path in self-knowledge and the activation of my spiritual nucleus, who still had been in a state of sleep, waiting to wake up. This Process unraveled itself with the manifestation of a teacher, Jorge B. P. G. - a wise man, charismatic and rich with experience; human, gentil and loving, a being of light, my guide and inspiration.

In convergence with his appearance were taking place the following experiences at the age of 21: death, rebirth, a new life from a different perspective, inspired through the presence of an initiated one of the old schools of wisdom and mystery - collectives that are currently spreading the knowledge of different ancient civilizations. Four years of internal work for a complete birthing of the new version of the „who am I“ combined with the necessary silence to listen to my Inner Master, gathering power, wisdom and love - this was the formula that gave me the impulse to start the way of pilgrimage outside of my natal earth.

Ancestral and crystalline tools were my luggage, my aim was written in the winds, open in all four directions of the earth, listening to a higher call. I came to Brasil, to a Valley of magic and mystery in the Chapada Diamantina, with a deep rooted confidence that this place was waiting for me and I for it. In a contemplative and silent way I began to connect with the exuberant nature, to later be embraced by my sisters and brothers of life, who continues now as my heart’s family. With this abundante welcome and all the ways open for sharing the medicine that I carry inside, I began to share my therapeutic services as an offering, which later transformed itself in the sustain of my life. With the energy of the wind the medicine expanded itself throughout the territory and began to create roots, the same way as I was starting to settle; not in one specific place, but in earth, from within vibrating the consciousness of being daughter of the earth, daughter of all earths, feeling home in every place, without separation, all the cultures integrated in the vision of a new humanity. I felt integrated, accepted and contained by a Great Mother, that invites me to experiment her and to share the fruits of my existence.



THE VISION, creating of a school of vibrational medicine that can offer its services to the planet in a moving, wandering manner; the main aim is education based on a spiritual perspective and exercising the practices of the metaphysic, esoteric and mystic teachings that constitute themselves through the knowledge of different linages, weaving themselves together in order to respond to the proposal of evolution and human/divine empowerment. The Vision in respect to the evolution of the project has manifested itself in an organic way, following the rhythm of nature, being in tune with the steps of human growth. In the begin this process was sustained by the therapeutic sessions, later on through workshops, courses and formations, to finally transform itself in a wandering school of vibrational medicine.


THE MISSION, expanding and spreading seeds of CONSCIOUSNESS AND KNOWLEDGE using a program of spiritual studies at a theoretical and experience level, structured in a format of workshops, intensive courses and retreats. Promoting that every person can remember the way of return to his/her golden interior and activate the light of his/her divine spark, in this way initiating the path of individual evolution being guided through the internal wisdom, and at the same time contributing in a bigger process, the Good Life and the ascencion of the planet. In addition to the human kingdom, the mission includes all the other kingdoms with whom we are coexisting, mineral, plant and animal. For this we are moving, visiting different sanctuaries of nature, vortexes of power in the earth, to radiate crystalline frequencies of high vibration, pure and harmonic energy for the planet and its inhabitants. The Mission is to contribute as agents of change, integrating a vision that considers the great interconnectedness from the microcosmos to the macrocosmos, the EVERYTHING.

Up to this date, our project has taken place in Chile, Perú, Bolivia, Brasil, México, Guatemala, Italy, Germany, Portugal and India.

With love and gratitude.

Nicole Postel

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