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Mother of Newen & Tainá (spiritual daughter), Partner of Carlos, Daughter of Patricia & Gerardo, Woman at the service of Life. Born in Chile, based in Bahia · Brazil. 


Esoteric Instructor, Prayer, Channeler, Spiritual Doula, Companion of Life´s Cycles for Women, Vibrational Therapist, Social Worker.

Founder of the School of Channeling & Vibrational Medicine 

Manager, Founder and Director of the Mujer Canal de Luz Project 

Seer, clairvoyant, medium from birth.

Lover of nature, the cosmos & the mysteries of creation.


She began her esoteric studies, self-taught, in 2008. She then specialised in Sound Healing, Radiesthesia, Herbalism, Meditation and Channeling.


Frecuencia Licán was born in 2012, after deciding to change her life, leaving Chile and dedicating herself fully to Therapies. To this date, she has held thousands of sessions / therapeutic accompaniments, hundreds of Courses throughout North America, Central America, South America, Europe & Asia.


As a Guardian of Ancestral Knowledge, she has journeyed the world recovering her memory in native traditions, remembering the path that connects the bridge between heaven and earth from the essence of Spirit, so we may live it in our body and manifest from consciousness.


She has been teaching since 2014, transforming along the way techniques & tools that are revealed by her Guides at the level of the subtle plane. Currently sharing seeds of wisdom from the Solar Path & Lunar Path. Both are initiations from the Soul Reading,  her own methods, channeled by her and supported by the Spiritual Brotherhood that instructs her in her service to humanity.


Initiate of the Great Universal White Brotherhood, she shares processes of self-knowledge & development of the Higher Self. From this place, the Diploma "Universal Spirit" is born in 2020, merging esoteric studies with meditation and a life of devotion, so that each student can access to unveil their divine plan and put it into action.


In October 2012 submerged in the fertile and blessed Waters of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, I decided to take my life and start my journey, reveal myself and share myself from the one that I Am. On the Isla del Sol at 4000 meters above sea level, I was REBORN.

A spring equinox at the foot of the Andes mountain range, the Solar Path is born, a breath that came from the Himalayas to manifest itself in the south of the world.

With the sudden social change and the arrival of the pandemic I began to teach courses digitally, that was the reason for the insertion into technological life, after living years without a cell phone, watch, computer, with remote internet access and having an itinerant project , traveling the world to facilitate my courses. The power of polarity knocked on my door and from the depth of life in Nature I opened myself to experience social networks and here I am today, seeking a balance between both realities.

The birth of my son Newén in 2017 in Mexico was the portal that brought the vision of SPIRIT DOULA, the field was developed for 5 inspiring years that allowed me to accompany Women and Babies, model, shape a tool, a therapeutic method. On May 20, 2022 in Bahia, Brazil, I gave birth to this Medicine to put it at the service of humanity, today it is my priority to open that portal to the 4 sacred directions.

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